Our favorite moment is when we plug in the waterfall pump for the first time and watch the homeowners faces.  

It makes all that hard work worth it.  

Everytime the comment is the same..."WOW"!!


Our crews pride themselves on the finished product.  Each project is unique and is a work of art to be admired for years to come.  It is a grand finale!!

When chosing Clearwater Ponds you have the piece of mind knowing you chose the best!  However, if there are warranty issues we have you covered for a full year from installation.  

We go through all the seasons with you so that you can sit back and enjoy.

Durning the finalle we will do a full walk-through with you so you understand what we created for you, how your system works and the best ways to maintain it.  We will customize a pond recipe for you.  We will sign you up for our newsletter so you can find out about seminars for maintenance and tips and tricks with being a happy ponderer.  

Unlike other contractors, our relationship with you doesn't stop when the job is complete, in many ways the journey is just beginning.  We hope you will take the journey with us!


Happy Pondering...Always!