You have decided it's time to make a splash and jump in to getting a water feature in your backyard. Careful preparation and planning can guarantee that this will be one of the best home improvement and lifestyle decisions you will make. Here are some helpful tips for you as you decide on your feature. 


Yes, it applies to water features too. One of the biggest things we hear when someone calls or sees a display is "I have the perfect corner for that". Sometimes there is a "perfect corner", however many times that isn't the best spot. Think about where you are going to get the most enjoyment from your feature.

Ask yourself:

  • Do I spend a lot of time on our deck or patio?
  • Do I spend a lot of time looking outside from my kitchen or dining room?
  • How do I like to entertain?
  • Would I like to enjoy the feature at night?
  • How would my family be using the water feature?
  • Is there any noise or traffic that I would like to drown out?
  • What is my main reason for wanting a water feature? Relaxation or a focal point in the yard?


Your lifestyle does play a factor in the design of your water feature. Are you someone who loves to putter around the garden or are you someone who just loves to be outside, but hates the work. Are you home in the day or evening? Do you have grandchildren or small kids? Do you travel often? These are all factors in determining the kind of feature you should have. A koi pond is great for people who love to be outside, who love nature and are dreaming of watching their children or grandchildren interact with the fish. A Pondless waterfall is great for people who really want the sound of water, want to use the feature at night and want to travel without having to worry about a pond.


In the world of water features there is so much variety. Large ponds, small ponds, pondless waterfalls, hybrid ponds, fountainscapes, bubbling rocks, basalt fountains...the list goes on. When you are ready to design your feature go through the internet and look at different styles. Even the choice of rock makes a big difference in the look and sound.


We always hear "I wish I made it bigger". It is understable when you start to dig, it may look huge. When you think tons of rock it may seem overwhelming. Remember, once you rock in the pond, add fish and add plants there isn't that much room. A rule of thumb: Build it the biggest you can!

Design additions to think of:

    • BRIDGES: A classic favourite addition to a pond! Aesthetically they look great, they are also fun to sit and dangle your feet into the pond.
    • GAZEBO: Imagine, sitting at night listening to the waterfalls, as the water is built to make the gazebo look like it's floating.
    • ISLAND: Depending on the size of your pond, adding an island area can be a fun addition. Big enough to add a spitter, or even a fire pit!
    • DECKS: A deck built with an overhang into your pond becomes a spot you and your family will never want to leave!
    • LIGHTING: Pond and landscape lighting can make all the difference in how much you use and love your outdoor space.

Bridges Add Beauty:

These are just some of the factors to consider in the design process. At Clearwater Ponds, all of our features are custom, we take all these factors into consideration when creating your one of a kind water feature! Kevin Downes is our award winning landscape designer. Amazing, full scope, computer generated designs for your entire property can be created. This can be discussed during your initital consultation.






Kevin our award winning landscape designer can help you with any of your design questions.  Simply schedule a free in store consultation and we will help you create your perfect paradise...the first time!