Pond Party Time!


Do you entertain frequently in your backyard?  Is your pond one of the main reasons friends and co-workers invite themselves over for a night of dinner and drinks on the patio? Then we have the perfect fit for you! The Pond Squad is pleased to introduce the Party Package.

We’ll give your pond a facelift for your next party, allowing you to focus on the rest of your party or even wedding details. We will visit your home approximately one month before the party to assess what needs to be done to get it ready for its close-up! 


Here are the basic maintenance tasks we’ll be checking and/or performing on your pond in time for the big party:

• Weed and mulch areas directly around pond

• Devise plan to clear up water

• Get rid of debris

• Add rock/gravel as needed

• Trim plants

• Add plants if needed

• Check and/or replace lights

• Tweak waterfalls

• Disguise BioFalls® Filter and/or skimmer 

All we ask is that you notify us a few weeks in advance so we can have The Pond Squad and materials available to make your pond look its best. So plan the party and keep in mind that The Pond Squad is here to make your watery wonderland gorgeous just in time for the big event!

We also have a catalog of decorative features that you can choose to purchase. Features you choose will be installed in or around your current water feature.


Indoor Pond Party?

The indoor showcase of our store is the ideal place to hold your next garden club or event. As the ponds and waterfalls look great year round there is no better place to see water gardens at their best. See one of our representatives in store for details.


Pond Sitting!

Are you going away on a trip?  Worried your neighbours may not know how to watch your pond properly?  Worried your fish may not be fed or your pump stops?  Then give The Pond Squad a call to Pond Sit!!  We will watch over your feature like it was our own!  You can go away and truly relax knowing The Pond Squad is Pond Sitting!!