Who We Are NOT!

  • WE ARE NOT: Landscapers who add “ponds” to their long lists of what they can try to do
  • WE ARE NOT: A garden centre who gave some area to ponds and staffed it with a student who has never owned a pond.
  • WE ARE NOT: A contractor who is just in this for the final paycheque and you will never hear from us again.


  • WE ARE: Pond and water garden experts! Designing, constructing and maintaining ponds is what we do.
  • WE ARE: The largest pond contractor and pond retailer in Canada.  
  • WE ARE: Authentic and unlike any competition because we are building and maintaining what we sell.
  • WE ARE: Committed to growing our industry and sharing our love of ponds, even with those who already have features. Yes, we love ponds that much!
  • WE ARE: The company who is called to fix ponds that have been built poorly. Last year 40% of our work came from rebuilding poorly built homeowner and contractor ponds. We build (and fix) ponds right!

Clearwater Ponds has been building the most amazing ponds and backyard water features since 2002.  In 2014 we were awarded the #2 Certified Aquascape Contractor and Retailer in the world!

We have built, designed and maintained hundreds (we’ve lost count) of water features over the past 12 years. Some have been large features with hundred foot streams, some small pondless features in town home properties, others just revamping a once loved feature. No matter the size of the pond or property we are proud of all the work we have done. Every feature is as different and unique as the clients we work for, however every feature is built with the natural ecosystem in mind.