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Pondless® Waterfalls are simply a re-circulating waterfall and/or stream without the presence of a pond.  They are a great choice because you can enjoy the sights and sounds of running water without the maintenance of a pond. The waterfall is the most beautiful feature in a water garden. So if you are lacking space, are worried about the safety of a pond or even if you travel often and want something you can turn on and off, a Pondless waterfall is a great alternative to a pond!

Safety: Because there is no pool of water, a Pondless® Waterfall is a great option if you are concerned about safety issues associated with a traditional pond.

Cost: Cost can be a big factor when considering the type of pond you want to build. In most cases, the price of a Pondless® waterfall will be less than a pond, because there is less labor involved, as well as less rock and materials. Operating costs are also less. Because you’re not dealing with an established ecosystem with fish, it’s not necessary to run the pump 24/7. Often our clients put their systems on timers, to enjoy the sounds when they want!

Space: The small size of the Pondless® Waterfall means we can customize your feature to literally fit anywhere in any space. Off a deck, beside a shed, into a fenced area. Simply add a stream to flow by a patio and you have a waterfall masterpiece!

Maintenance:  Taking care of your Pondless® Waterfall is easy. Filling the reservoir every few weeks to compensate for water loss because of evaporation is all that’s required.

Flexibility: Perhaps the best part of the Pondless® Waterfall is the possibility for the future. If you change your mind later, wishing you had built a pond, that’s ok! If you leave enough room around the base of the waterfall, it’s easy to add a pond onto a Pondless® Waterfall.

Complete System: It might be difficult to imagine a waterfall and stream without a pond. Where does the water go?A Pondless® Waterfall works much like a regular pond. The hole, deeper than a normal pond, is dug then lined with rock and gravel, and filled with water. The water is then circulated from beneath the rocks and gravel by a pump that sits on the bottom, inside a Snorkel™ Vault and Centipede™ Module. A pipe runs from there up to a BioFalls™ Filter and into an overflowing waterfall, where it falls back into the reservoir. Since the water level never pools above the level of the rock and gravel fill, it gives the appearance of a waterfall without a pond, when in fact, the “pond” is there but not visible.

If you are thinking of getting your feet wet, and a pond seems to be too much then can we suggest…go Pondless®! Clearwater Ponds has created three amazing pondless features in our new store for you to experience. Gain a bit of inspiration, and start to visualize what can be created in your own backyard.


Light It Up!  Pondless Waterfalls are not just enjoyed for the beauty during the day, they are incredible lit up at night! The beauty of the water cascading over the lit rocks is breathtaking!  Add the tranquil sounds and you have a perfect backdrop for any evening in any season!