How deep does my pond need to be?

A common myth is that ponds need to be at least 3-feet-deep, especially if you want to keep fish in the winter.  The truth is in our area (Southern Ontario), ponds that are 2' deep are fine to keep fish.  If you want to go deeper that is purely for aesthetic reasons.  Generally the ground will only freeze eight inches down, because of the insulating qualitlies of the earth that surrounds the pond.


Can I keep my pond running all year?

Yes, Clearwater Ponds builds your feature that it can be enjoyed in all seasons.  However, with the formation of ice and possiblitly of water damning and flowing away from the waterfall, we do advise that unless you are watching it carefully that you unplug the pump for the deep winter months.


Do I have to bring my fish inside in the winter?

Fish do fine during the coldest winters as long as you give them two feet of water to swim in, oxygenate the water, and keep a hole in the ice with a bubbler.  This is allowing the naturally produced gasses to escape from under the ice.  The fish will then spend the entire winter hibernating at the bottom of the pond and then they will slowly wake up as the water warms in the spring. You will be amazed!


Does having a pond mean I will have mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes generally lay their eggs in still, stagnent water.  If the mosquitoes do happen to lay eggs in your pond and the mosquito larvae hatch, the fish in your pond will consider them a treat!  As long as you keep the water flowing, you will not have an issue.


Can I use a timer on my pond?

No!  Your pond is a living, breathing ecosystem that needs constant oxygen, just like you.  If you shut your system down at night, the you can never have sufficient growth of beneficial bacteria to fight algae blooms, and the fish will have a hard time breathing.  If you want a feature that does not have to be run all the time then a Pondless Waterfall is a great option.


Does my pond require chemicals?

No, chemicals are for pools. The features we build are natural ecosystems that work with nature. We recommend using natural bacterias and products that are fish safe, and plant safe.  As each pond is different the amount of products you will need to use on your pond will differ, however there are some basic products that should be used on every pond. Come into the store and we will set you up with products and dosages necessary.

How is my koi different from a goldfish?

Simple. Have you ever seen a goldfish with whiskers? A koi’s whiskers are called barbels and are used to root around in the gravel or mud for food.

How many fish can I put in my pond?

A good rule of thumb is to allow one inch of fish for every square foot of pond surface area, and to remember – fish grow! This rule cannot be applied to fish greater than six inches long because weight and girth may play a big factor.