Add the tranquil sounds of water in any setting!

Fountainscapes are usually stand alone features, that add the beauty and sound of water to just about any area.  Most fountains are easily installed, some are very light weight and may not even require any digging!  Here are some examples of our most popular fountains and features.  Many of these are on display for you to enjoy at our store any time of the year!


The Stacked Slate Urn!

A fabulous feature that is popular when you want to add a great focal point.  It is made of a Fiberglass Stone Composite that has all the natural beauty of real rock with the added durabilty and light weight of fiberglass.  A variety of three sizes, all on display for you to see at the store.  Also come in kit packages.


GFRC Decorative Fountains!


 We carry a wide variety of simple fountains made from Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC).  A decorative fountain comines all the beauty of dyed or coloured concrete with the added strenght of reinforced glass fibers.  Simply choose your design, colour and sizes are 26" in height or 37".  They are available in kits, with the pump and basin included.  Don't forget to add a light for a beautiful focal point!


Natural Mongolian Basalt Columns!

 Probably our most popular decorative feature that we install.  Each piece is handcrafted from natural stone.  The natural variations in size, colour, texture and weight make these so beautiful and unique.  Be sure to check out our portfolio of basalt features to see the variety of applications.


Custom Fountainscapes!

 At Clearwater Ponds we love to create custom features, if you have something in mind for a decorative feature we can help you.  Let our design team customize your dream!


Patio Ponds!

 Aquatic patio ponds are a simple way to have a complete water garden in almost any setting.  Now anyone can a little pond, even on a deck or patio!  Come to the store and we will show you how easy they are to create.  You can even add a filter and have fish!  A great idea for a sunroom as these patio pots can be used indoors or out.