Contractors...How Can We Help You?

Have a client that wants a pond or water feature?  There are many contractors who have clients that want a water feature, often less detailed small features.  That is where we come in.  Many contractors have used our showroom, to show the features on display.  We then set up the contractor with the supplies they need to get the project done!  You deal with your client, we are just the middle man.


Why this is good for you?  We help you get all the right products and specs for your job.  Something that will cause a lot less headaches for you and your company in the long run.  Most importantly your clients will be happy you got the job right!


We also offer contractor pricing, discounts that are better than going direct from Aquascape or other nurseries around.  Plus, we get your products to our store!


Our shelves are stocked.  A complaint we have heard from many contractors (including ourselves before our store) is nobody stays stocked with the product they need.  We have pond products all season long.  We try to keep something of everything in so you can get your job done quick!  We are also available every season, any season.  We have also have a full parts and plumbing room.


Our field experience.  This may be your first water feature or you have built a few.  Most likely you have not built or maintained anything close to what The Pond Squad has done and seen.  We will help you so that when your clients says "I want to add water"  you are not shying away from it.  Give the client what they want!  


If you don't want to handle the project, you can hire The Pond Squad and sub the work to us.  We love building the feature and leaving the rest of the landscape to you!  


Do you have a client that has a pond that maybe you built and needs service?  Most contractors even if you build water features, don't have the crews to handle maintenance, cleanouts or fixes.  Often this is not profitable to you.  Please feel free to direct your client to us, we will make sure they get customer service.  In turn they will be happy with you that you gave them the advice and service they needed.


Have you noticed...It is a WIN/WIN/ are happy...client is happy...we are happy we could help!