"Help!! I just bought a house with a pond

and I have no clue what to do!"


When we opened our Clearwater Ponds water garden store, we had no idea that so many of our calls would be about what to do with an "inherited" pond!  If you have just purchased a home with a pond, or have feature that needs some "help".  Have no fear, The Pond Squad is here to help you!


POND SEMINARS:  Throughout the seasons we offer seminars on how to properly open and close your pond.


TLC?:  Does the pond you inherited look tired, very green or falling over?  Older ponds, or ponds that were just plan built incorrectly end up being a lot of work!  Maybe, more work than you were expecting.  Sometimes it is a simple solution of adding more filtration, water treatments or making sure your pump is sufficient.  Other times, the TLC is more of a makeover needed.  Make sure you check out our "Before and After" features in our portfolio.  

Clearwater can transform an "eye sore" into a focal point of beauty. 


The Pond Squad is here for you!  Please visit our store and we will be more than happy to help releive your anxiety of owning or inheriting a pond.  It is always helpful if you bring in photos and know the size of your pond.  Give us a call to set up an appointment or just walk-in!