At Clearwater Ponds we want to help you love your water garden!

We welcome you to join us for all our fun pondering events.

Please watch our newsletter The Frogger and our Facebook Page for the most up to date events.


Free Fall Closing Seminars!

Join The Pond Squad as we explain how to close your water feature properly for the winter. Learn how to do a proper shut down in order to avoid nasty surprises next spring. 

Our seminar will be held on October 9th! Space is limited so click HERE to reserve your spot!

Free Spring Opening Seminars!

You are invited to learn from The Pond Squad how to open your pond right for the season. Did you know a good spring pond closing will make a huge difference to the health of your pond? From plant and fish health, to maintenance tips and tricks, we will share it all! The seminars are free of charge, however we do need to reservations please.

Our spring opening seminar is being held April 27th! click HERE to reserve your spot!


Saturday Splash Event!

Saturday Splash is always a Blast! Come by our store on May 25th to join in the festivities!! Enjoy a free BBQ and pick up a family addition for the family. A free koi is given out to each family!