Award Winning Design and Construction!

Building and constructing a water feature RIGHT is what Clearwater Ponds is all about. Yes, the aesthetics of our features are incredibly beautiful. However, if the pond isn't constructed right, it won't be beautiful for long! Our crews are trained to the highest standards, our foreman has been with us for a decade. The oversight of the projects are done by the owners. 

Signed Contract:

Once you have signed the written contract a deposit is required. This deposit secures your date for your project to be installed. We know everyone wants to be first in the season and we try our best, however it is first come first serve basis. If you want early spring then it is good to book the previous fall. We do try to accomodate everyone, especially if your project is smaller.

Project Timeline:

Our crews work like a well oiled machine, each knowing what they are to do when it comes to building a water feature. An average small pondless waterfall takes about a day to a day and a half. An average pond is about 2 days. Weather, property access and existing landscape can all affect how long the project will take. All of this will be discussed during your consultation. We will also keep you informed of any delays if necessary.


The excitement when you see the cool Clearwater Ponds trucks show up the morning of your sheduled date is part of the fun! Our crews will get right to work, getting your property ready, machinery and equipment will be delivered prior or on the day of, depending on the scope of your project. We treat your property with respect and try our best to keep everything looking as good as possible, even during construction.

"The workers and owner were the best people for the job. I have had many workers at my home but these workers did not make a mess, they were very respectful of your property, they were very polite, and very helpful with any question. You're given a manual after the job is completed to help you with the maintenance tips. I am SO HAPPY that a friend recommended Clearwater Ponds to me. I encourage others to take advantage of their expertise. You guys are the BEST!” Diogo – Binbrook



"Not a stone get's left unturned"

The Final Project, a few years after being built.  Pond Tour Host 2012 and 2014.