• 27 May

    Spring Reflections

    Sometimes you sit back and wonder how things come about. This spring is a good example of how good ideas become inter connected. We have come to have an up close understanding of how having water in our environment truly does change how you live....

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  • 12 May

    Water Garden Weekend!

    2014 Water Garden Long Weekend!

    For your free koi, download this coupon water garden weekend flyer

    Pond Chats:

    Saturday May 17th: 10:00 & 2:00

    Seminar: What are good options for planting in my water...

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  • 28 Mar

    Awarded Aquascape Master Certified Contractor

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Clearwater Ponds Awarded Master Certified Aquascape Contractor Status Only 3 in Ontario! Burlington, Ontario –

    Clearwater Ponds has successfully completed the qualification process to become a Master Certified...

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  • 01 Feb

    Ponds Nitrogen Cycle

    Understanding Your Ponds Nitrogen Cycle: You may already know some basics about your pond like you know it’s important to include a good balance of aquatic plants and fish in your water garden. You also know simple maintenance is important...

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