• 18 Oct

    Only One Saturday Left!

    Sadly the Pond Store will only be opened for only one more Saturday!

    October 22nd will be the last Saturday we are opened for 2016 so come in to make sure all your winter water feature needs are covered!

    Don't worry! We will...

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  • 18 Aug

    Incorporating Water Into Any Area! Small Area Construction

    One of the construction crew's builds last week in Oakville included a stream which cascaded down along side the client's stairs into a cute pond below. The sound of moving water will fit perfectly with this serene back yard. This proves that no...

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  • 10 Jun

    St. Lawrence Large Pondless Waterfall

    Last Fall, Jackson Pond built a beautiful water feature along the St. Lawrence. After a couple of months in the Fall and a week in the Spring, we finally got to see it run! Here are some pictures from the beginning of the build and we will be sure...

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  • 21 Apr

    Spring and Fresh!

    Spring is right around the corner! We've had a beautiful week and we're all sitting with fingers crossed that it will continue. All water feature owners are very excited to get their water features opened and to finally relax by the sound of moving...

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  • 16 Mar

    Canada Blooms 20th Anniversary

    Thanks Canada Blooms for giving contractors a creative outlet and for displaying gorgeous water features for all to see. Happy 20th Anniversary!

    Canada Blooms 20th Anniversary Video

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  • 15 May

    May 2015 The Frogger

    Did you miss our email newsletter The Frogger?  Click here to enjoy and make sure you sign up to have yours delivered to your inbox!


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  • 02 Apr

    Spring Seminars For Starting Your Pond

    Clearwater Ponds is going to be hosting their Free Spring Pond Seminars again!  And You Are invited!

    If you want to know how to start your pond right this season and learn from the pond professionals, The Pond Squad then this is a...

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  • 11 Sep

    Fall Frogger

    Fall Frogger Published!

    Did you miss out on your copy?  Make sure you have subscribed to get our Frogger Newsletter.  At Clearwater Ponds we love to share what is happening in the world of ponds and water features...

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  • 03 Sep

    Caring for Aquatic Plants in the Fall

    As much as we don't want to admit it, summer is almost over and fall will be here shortly.  The transition from summer to fall is beautiful as we enjoy the changing colours of the leaves and the brisk night air.  With the dip in...

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  • 18 Aug

    The "Pond Stars"



    A TV Show Dedicated to Fish, Ponds & Water Gardens!

    We are very excited to be a pond builder associated with this great team of stars!  It will be airing on NAT GEO WILD on September 5th...

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