Spring Reflections

Posted on: May 27, 2014 by Kevin Downes

Category: Owner's Blog

Spring Reflections

Sometimes you sit back and wonder how things come about. This spring is a good example of how good ideas become inter connected. We have come to have an up close understanding of how having water in our environment truly does change how you live. It may be just a change in your routine from having your morning cup of coffee by the window that overlooks your waterfall and pond or actually getting you outside to enjoy that coffee by your water feature.

Our clients and friends have related to us how "soothing' or "relaxing" their backyard has become by adding a pond or waterfall. This spring however we have had the good opportunity of connecting with two different ways to connect with water.

'The City of Waterfalls' as Hamilton is now referred to is an initiative that is spearheaded by Chris Ecklund, a local guy who is crazy about the idea of waterfalls in our area. He wants everyone to be able to connect to the beauty of the unique environment we live in here locally and get in touch with nature and experience these great waterfalls.

Second came about as someone dropped by our store to look into waterfalls. They were blown away by what can be done just from our displays. Radius Restaurant in Hamilton is centred on local farmers and bringing that to there customers. They wanted to bring that local flavour of the waterfalls of Hamilton to there outdoor patio. As they also focus on local artists, it was a perfect fit to have Clearwater Ponds join up with them to create a one of a kind water feature on there patio.

The result of these 3 entities all in love with the idea of having the local flavour of waterfalls and there importance in our immediate environment has worked nicely together to bring a little more of that nature into our lives. We love building these water falls and ponds as everyone appreciates the artistry and beauty of water in there environment.