• 15 Mar

    Book Your Spring Opening!

    We’re getting closer and closer to spring arriving and you know what that means- it’s time to book your spring opening! Yes, that’s right, you’ll soon be enjoying the warm summer breeze while taking in the relaxing sounds of...

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  • 22 Dec

    Holiday Hours 2017

    Jackson Pond and Clearwater Ponds will be closed Monday, December 26th and will re-open Monday, January 9th. If you have an emergency, please call and leave a message at 1.877.766.3833 or send an email to info@jacksonpond.com. Both avenues will be...

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  • 02 Dec

    We're Open All Winter!

    Winter is slowly arriving and we're now switching our focus to next year! Everyone is hard at work developing new exciting ideas so we can better help you. One way we're hoping to better serve you is by staying open all winter! Our store will be...

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  • 31 Oct

    Attention Mississauga and Oakville

    The Greater Toronto Water Garden & Horticultural Society is planning their 2017 Water Garden Tour! Let others witness your hard work and love for your water feature. Watch the video to see some of the ponds visited during the 2016 Water Garden...

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  • 18 Oct

    Only One Saturday Left!

    Sadly the Pond Store will only be opened for only one more Saturday!

    October 22nd will be the last Saturday we are opened for 2016 so come in to make sure all your winter water feature needs are covered!

    Don't worry! We will...

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  • 18 Oct

    Water Quality in the Fall

    Fish benefit from good water quality. In order to maintain good water quality during the fall season, plant debris and fallen leaves should to be removed from your water feature. The leaves are slowly beginning to fall and those that fall into the...

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  • 18 Aug

    Incorporating Water Into Any Area! Small Area Construction

    One of the construction crew's builds last week in Oakville included a stream which cascaded down along side the client's stairs into a cute pond below. The sound of moving water will fit perfectly with this serene back yard. This proves that no...

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  • 10 Jun

    St. Lawrence Large Pondless Waterfall

    Last Fall, Jackson Pond built a beautiful water feature along the St. Lawrence. After a couple of months in the Fall and a week in the Spring, we finally got to see it run! Here are some pictures from the beginning of the build and we will be sure...

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  • 21 Apr

    Spring and Fresh!

    Spring is right around the corner! We've had a beautiful week and we're all sitting with fingers crossed that it will continue. All water feature owners are very excited to get their water features opened and to finally relax by the sound of moving...

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  • 16 Mar

    Canada Blooms 20th Anniversary

    Thanks Canada Blooms for giving contractors a creative outlet and for displaying gorgeous water features for all to see. Happy 20th Anniversary!

    Canada Blooms 20th Anniversary Video

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