The Pond Store Pond Owner's Have Been Waiting For!


Are you a pond owner and are tired of going to garden centres for you pond needs? Do you need expert advice from people who actually own and have built and maintained hundreds of water features? Have you been dreaming of a water feature but would like some visual ideas and design help?

Would you like to add water to your landscape, but don’t have the space for a large feature? Do you want to work with a company soley dedicated to ponds and waterfeatures? If you answered YES! to these questions then we have just opened the perfect store for you!

Visit our new pond store and water garden showcase for design inspiration. Feel free to browse our selection of pond supplies & start dreaming up your ideal water feature.

We have partnered with leading suppliers to bring you the best products. All the products on our shelves have been tried and tested by The Pond Squad and are what we personally recommend. You can feel confident that you will get the highest quality supplies when you rely on us - Burlington’s only water feature specialists.

What is in our Water Gardening Store?

  • Huge selection of products for water clarity, algae concerns, natural bacterias and treatments
  • Options for pumps, filtration, replacement parts and filtration media
  • Beautiful fish
  • Premium fish food and "treats"
  • Featured water plants and pond safe fertilizers
  • Fountains of all shapes and sizes
  • Patio ponds
  • Pond and Landscape lighting
  • Small garden ornaments and spitters
  • Inspiration with 3 full size pondless waterfalls and a huge koi pond!
  • Seminars and workshops
  • You will find everything you will need to create a stunning water feature in our 4000
  • square foot space

Why we are Different than a Garden Centre:

  • Expert knowledge of our industry
  • We are pond owners, and pond lovers
  • Unsurpassed artistic construction and design
  • Extensive knowledge of filtration and the ecosystem
  • Decades of field knowledge
    Outstanding personal care and reputation in our industry
  • We only do ponds and water features

No Shovel Needed! We have showcased not just large features, but a number of small features, that can either be easily dug in the ground in a few minutes, or simply placed on your deck or patio! We have video’s going in store to show you how simple adding water to your landscape can be. Water spitters, our popular Naughty Dog and Frog Legs can be added to any feature simply and easily and create a great addition of whimsy.

We welcome you to visit our showroom Today!  You may be surprised how many design options exist for your outdoor water feature.