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For over a decade we have been building, designing and maintaining Ponds, Waterfalls, & Water Features for Burlington, Oakville, Niagara Region & Cottage Country

Imagine relaxing with your favorite drink, listening to the water cascading down a glistening stream and letting all the cares of the day melt away.  A water feature is so much more than just another way to landscape.  It adds life and movement, sound and beauty like no expanse of lawn could ever do!  A Clearwater Ponds built pond means it is not just beautiful but built right, so that you don’t work on your pond, you enjoy it.

No passport required, no airline delays, no cottage traffic…just open your back door!

ESCAPE! To your backyard!

So many people have chosen to make their backyard their destination to escape.

You can transform the outdoor space that you’re fortunate to have to provide a more serene, relaxing feel- simply by adding water.  An ecosystem pond, a pondless waterfall or a fountain-scape, can all be custom designed to fit any space.  Take a stroll through our display features at the store, and see all your different options for adding water.

No matter the size of your space, we can bring the beauty of nature to you.

Choose Burlington’s Best Water Feature Specialist

Creating a beautiful water garden is a work of art, and a great investment if done correctly.  We have been perfecting our trade for over a decade and training the industry. Clearwater Ponds is a dedicated pond company.  We own ponds, we know ponds we are ponds.

Why go to a garden centre for ponds, why hire a landscaper who rarely, if ever builds ponds?  Our focus is narrow- we only do water features- and because of this, our expertise is extensive!

Looking for Inspiration? Visit our Design Showcase & Store

Browse naturally beautiful design options, and speak with our expert team that brings more than a decade of professional maintenance and design expertise.

Over 3500 sq’ has been dedicated to showcasing beautiful pondless waterfalls, fountain-scapes even a full size koi pond!

We also have all the products and treatments you will need fully stocked- including premium fish and aquatic plants.

Need Help With Your Pond or Pond Maintenance



At Clearwater Ponds we maintain hundreds of water features every year.  We have a dedicated maintenance division that can help you with even the trickiest pond problem.  There are so many varieties of ponds and products that pond owners have used over the years, we have serviced them all and understand the makeup of how your pond needs to function.

If you have just moved into a house with a pond, and feel a little overwhelmed we will do a complete coaching session with you of how your pond functions and what you need to do to make it and keep it beautiful.


The Pond Squad has designed, built and maintained hundreds of water features for Burlington, Niagara, Oakville, Mississauga & cottage country. Join our hundreds of satisfied staycationers & let us help you create your relaxing backyard destination today.

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